Welcome To Proxy OK

It is very important to protect yourself in an ever more turbulent world, simply searching for the "wrong" information and investigating the facts for yourself is a crime in some countries. Proxy OK can help to shield you from organizations who gather private details on vast scales. Your IP address will automatically change and then you are cloaked behind our sophisticated hardware setup which receives regular tweaks and security updates. All of your favourite websites are available although you may be switched to the mobile site. Check news on the BBC, send birthday greetings on Facebook or even see the latest funny videos on Youtube with a super fast connection.

We are always seeking to improve the anonymity experience for our guests, so a lot of unnecessary code and parts that could jeopardize your privacy are analzed and discarded as they are sent through our dedicated proxy servers. It is standard practise to install a highly recommended antivirus program, setup an independent firewall and make sure the adminstration settings are properly configured on your home router. VPN providers will offer the best all round anonymous coverage for a ongoing cost.